5 Best Casino Hotels in Marbella Spain for You


Are you planning to visit Marbella, Spain, and have a good time with your family while also enjoying gambling? Then your best vacationing destination should be in a casino hotel. There are various casino hotels in Marbella that will give you the best gambling experience you’ll live to remember. Some of these casino hotels are within the city center, while others are on the outskirts. Depending on your preferred destination, you’ll have a taste of Marbella land-based casinos and earn some good money. Read on and learn about the 5 best casino hotels in Marbella, Spain.

1. S-Star Yacht Hotel Casino Resort

one of the best casino hotels in Marbella you should consider staying in and indulge in gambling is the S-Star Yacht hotel casino hotel. This hotel houses the Casino Sunburn, which is a popular gambling venue. It’s found in the ocean marina village, which is a one-hour drive from the city center. This casino has traditional table games like baccarat, American roulette, blackjack, and stud poker. 

Additionally, the casino has about 15 jackpot machines which also includes a VIP section. It also contains electronic roulette, pinball roulette, and edge sports betting terminals, making your stay here worthwhile. You don’t have to worry about drinks as they’ve got drinking services for slot players. That enables you to quench your thirst while playing. After winning your game, you’ll relax in the spacious hotel rooms with free Wi-Fi and various entertainment services.

2. Hotel H10 Andalucia Plaza, Casino Marbella

Hotel H10 Andalucia Plaza is also amongst the best casino hotels in Marbella. It’s situated at the center of the city, and it’s an ideal location for those who want to stay within the town. The top casino boasts more years of experience since 1978. It has 29 table games with over 100 gaming machines giving you a variety to choose from and increasing your chances of winning the bet. From baccarat to roulette, blackjack, and poker, you’ll enjoy the experience.

The casino’s slot and jackpot machines give both beginner and gambling enthusiasts a chance to earn good money. If you want a VIP experience, you can go playing at the casino’s VIP lounge. Food is also served at the hotel’s restaurant section, and after winning hard cash, feel free to join the themed parties to celebrate the victory. In addition, casino Marbella has a Cirsa winner club that offers its members exclusive advantages like private access to earn credits. 

3. Ibiza Gran Hotel

While in this city, I purposely visited this top casino located in Ibiza gran hotel. The state-of-the-art casino makes this premises one of the best casino hotels in Marbella. It operates all through the year, allowing gamblers to make good money anytime they wish. The casino has beautiful gambling halls, poker, and slot machine rooms for a better gaming experience. But if you wish, there’s an option to game in a private room and enjoy drinks or food from the three bars around here and the restaurant section. 

4. Lopesan Costa Meloneras Resort and Spa

If you’re a tourist in Spain and looking for any of Marbella’s best casino hotels, don’t hesitate to go to Lopesan costa Meloneras resort and spa. It’s an on-site casino that conveniently enables adults to play while enjoying their stay at the hotel. The casino hotel is south of Gran Canaria with beautiful scenery like the Atlantic Ocean. 

5. Nh Gran Hotel Casino De Extremadura

Nh gran hotel casino de Extremadura should also be on your list of must-visit casino hotels in Marbella. The central casino facility operates up to early hours in the morning, allowing players to relax their minds after bed. Then, after winning real cash, you can enjoy some drinks and finger-licking meals at the casino’s restaurant. 

The casino hotel is 300 meters from the city center, a three-minute walk, and 100 meters from the beach. But it doesn’t have a restaurant or bar; however, nearby businesses are offering these services. In addition, its strategic position makes it the best destination for families.

Why You Should Opt for Casino Hotels in Marbella

Although you have the freedom to choose the best hotel to stay in for a while in Marbella as a visitor, you’ll not regret booking a casino hotel. For example, when you’re in any of these casino hotels in Marbella, you’ll be safer as the management observes the floor and coordinates security. Also, the customers’ (gamblers) demands are put first, with services like gambling or gaming facilities given priority. 

The casino hotels also offer a variety of games fit for any clients like the wealthy business class can go for VIP sections. Additionally, those who want to play from the comfort of their rooms will have the freedom to do so from the casino hotel with online services. Apart from having the opportunity to play and earn real money from these casino hotels in Marbella, you’ll enjoy sumptuous meals. Also, you’ll get your favorite drink from the bar sections here. 

But since casino hotels have much interest in gambling which earns them money, you might get a free or spend less for your hotel room. That is because casino room rates are way cheaper than most luxurious hotels. Also, some of the casino hotels give free rooms to travelers since they’re sure they’ll get that money on the casino floor. 

Tips To Use While Staying in A Casino Hotel Marbella

Although casino hotels serve alcoholic drinks, if you want to gamble, especially for newbies, avoid drinking to be clear-headed and win the game. However, if you’ve got to drink, go for drinks with low alcohol content.

Also, take your time to study the new environment to know what others are doing. Finally, remember you’re a tourist, and every country has its rules around casinos, which can land you in trouble if not careful. 

Don’t forget to bet on what you can afford to lose to avoid ruining your vacation and going home with a bad experience. For this reason, don’t be in a rush and go light on your first bet in a foreign country. 

Bottom Line

Booking into any of the casino hotels in Marbella will give you a wonderful experience of the city’s nightlife games. While betting, though, we recommend that you research Spain’s casino rules to avoid being caught up by law. Also, gamble wisely to avoid losing your money but don’t forget to enjoy your stay outside the casino-hotel by visiting different places, especially during the day.

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