5 Highly Rated Must-Visit Casinos in Marbella

people gambling at a casino table in Marbella
casino players gambling at a casino table in Marbella

The emergence of casinos in Spain has its roots in the French and British cultural idea of the “gentlemen” in the 19th century. However, history indicates that the first gambling establishment in a casino dates back to 1638 in Venice. The term “casino” has its origin in the Italian word, which means “a small house.” Today, casinos in Marbella and those in other Costa del Sol cities are spacious, and they can also accommodate more than one activity. 

What Is the Objective of a Casino?

The motive of a casino is to provide entertainment to the player. Therefore, it is common for casinos to host stand-up comedy, sports, and concerts.

The best casinos in Marbella have or are near restaurants, hotels, and retail shopping. Of course, some of the iconic casinos in Costa del Sol are near tourist attractions, and a few of these also have cruise ships. 

Below are five highly rated must-visit casinos in Marbella.

  • Casino Marbella
  • Pause & Play
  • Torrequebrada casino 
  • Casino Sunborn
  • Malaga Nostrum

1. Casino Marbella

Casino Marbella is an exclusive gaming house located in the high-end area of Costa del Sol. The casino offers state-of-the-art slot machines and a variety of leisure activities. Additionally, this casino has a sports betting area by Sportium, Spain’s top betting house. Besides spinning the wheel and betting on other slot machines, guests can also eat luscious Mediterranean dishes at the casino’s restaurant.

You can find Casino Marbella at AP-7, km 174, Bajos Hotel H10 Andalucía Plaza. 

What Makes Casino Marbella a Good Place to Visit?

The Casino Marbella is beyond a gaming experience. This boutique club also offers excellent gastronomy in its restaurant. Furthermore, guests can visit temporary exhibitions and enjoy themed parties. Of course, you can play any of the games at the casino. Some of the popular ones include poker, American roulette, Black Jack, and Slot Paradise.  Casino Marbella creates unforgettable emotions for its guests. It is among the must-visit casinos in Marbella for sports betting lovers.

2. Pause & Play C.C La Canada Marbella

Pause & Play in Northern Marbella is one of the best gambling houses on the Costa del Sol.  This casino offers live entertainment on electronic games of slots Blackjack and American Roulette.

This casino offers visitors a myriad of leisure pastimes along the seafront with fine sand. You can relax under the palm trees or enjoy other activities along the Mediterranean.

What Makes Pause & Play a Good Place to Visit?

The restaurant at Pause & Play offers its guests mouth-watering Andalucía cuisine with a cocktail. You can also watch your teams play at the slot machines. Furthermore, this gaming house offers guests a variety of nightlife activities. 

 At Pause & Play, you will enjoy the best blend of food and pleasure.  The casino offers tourists a gastronomic experience in the eatery and a Blackjack adventure. The casino’s playground allows guests to experience the maximum delight of the sport on the big screen and play the game in the updated version. Additionally, the Pause & Play hospitality area offers you alcoholic drinks during your game. Other leisure pastimes include traditional reel, video reel, and video poker.

Pause & Play is located in Parque Comercial L Canada, Marbella.

3. Torrequebrada Casino Among the Best Casinos in Marbella

Torrequebrada casino has an expansive display of leisure activities. Visitors can play from either live or electronic gaming tables. Other forms of entertainment include Summer Galas and Spain Pigeon Shooting Championship. 

The resort offers daily, weekly, and monthly entry rates to locals and expatriates. Unlike some casinos with a strict dress code, you do not need to wear a tie to enter Torrequebrada. 

What Makes Torrequebrada a Good Place to Visit?

Besides the gaming experience, Torrequebrada casino also offers its guests mouth-watering cuisine and delicious cocktails within their restaurants.  But ideally, guests come here to entertain themselves in a variety of leisure sports. Some of the popular ones include Baccarat, Caribbean Poker, as well as French and American Roulette. Furthermore, you can also relax in the resort’s Fortuna room and watch a fascinating live show of the best flamenco on the Costa del Sol.

4. Casino Sunborn Among the Best Casinos in Marbella

Tourists coming to Marbella often visit Casino Sunborn to experience the unique ambiance of a gaming house on a superyacht. The casino is aboard a 465.8 feet yacht seven stories high. It is one of the largest high-end hotel yachts in the world.

What Makes Casino Sunborn a Good Place to Visit?

Casino Sunborn is a must-visit gaming house if you are visiting Marbella for the first time and are looking for an exceptional gambling experience.  The casino offers electronic roulette, pinball roulette, jackpot machines, and state–of–the–art sports betting terminals. Furthermore, you can also relax at the casino’s one-of-a-kind infinity spa or spend time at the contemporary fitness suite. Besides the fun and relaxation, guests can also enjoy tantalizing roast beef and delicious cocktails at the restaurants on this yacht. Finally, you should consider this gaming venue as one of the must-visit casinos in Marbella if you want to mingle with celebrities and other VIPs from around the world.

5. Malaga Nostrum

Malaga Nostrum is ideal for visitors looking for a quiet gaming environment. The hotel provides remarkable reception, room service, and taxi services to its guests. At a glance, you may not know that the hotel has a casino in its basement. Furthermore, the restaurant offers a wide range of tasty dishes.

What Makes Malaga Nostrum a Good Place to Visit?

Malaga Nostrum has a beautiful rooftop pool, bar, and lounge area where you can relax on a sunny day or quiet night. The casino downstairs at the hotel offers numerous gaming options such as blackjack, slot machines, poker, roulette, and pool games. This leisure sports venue is one of the must-visit casinos in Marbella if you want to eat a great meal and have some pleasure without worrying about your flight. The gaming house is about a five minutes ride to Malaga Airport.


Marbella Spain attracts high-profile tourism from all over the world. This city is known for being a second home to the rich and famous. There are numerous leisure activities in Marbella that you can enjoy during the day and night. However, casinos offer some of the best forms of entertainment on the Costa del Sol.

 You can have a memorable experience in any of the top-rated must-visit casinos in Marbella mentioned above. These gaming houses offer pleasurable and fun activities such as Blackjack, Poker, and other live entertainment. Furthermore, guests also have access to exclusive clubs, retail shopping, and gastronomical experience. 

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