First Spring Tone Pilates Studio Opening in Marbella

First Spring Tone Pilates Studio Opening in Marbella

The recently opened Inspiration Pilates in Marbella, is the first Pilates studio in Spain to teach SpringTone® Pilates workouts. The studio which offers Pilates classes using mats and machines is run by Habiba Benchaib, a fully qualified instructor and Pilates enthusiast for over 20 years.  To publicise the launch, selected members of the press have been invited to try out this brand new exercise technique which is only available in Spain at Inspiration Pilates.

The arrival of SpringTone® in Spain from the USA is great news for Marbella’s health and body conscious residents who want to get in shape and feel great fast, as SpringTone® is the new generation of Pilates which embraces the original techniques, using the original ‘contrology’ as introduced by Joseph Pilates. In SpringTone® Pilates the springs work with your body to improve joint flexibility and range of motion.

The aim of Springtone® is to make Pilates more accessible, using clear language and fast paced simple movement, rather than using complicated choreographed moves often used in Pilates classes today.  If you don’t want to feel the burn, you are well catered for too, as inspiration Pilates offers a full programme of classes suitable for all levels of ability and experience. She teaches a broad range of Pilates’ movements and techniques using the latest Pilates machines and has worked with clients needing assistance with golf, during pregnancy or with ski injuries, cancer patients, Scoliosis, myopathy and osteoporosis. Pilates is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise as it strengthens the core, tones and elongates the muscles, unlike weight training which can add bulk.

Habiba has an international background, gaining her qualification in Pilates (Certificate IV) in Sydney Australia and has worked extensively throughout Europe, Cyprus, Switzerland, England and Asia, before settling in Marbella to open her new Pilates Centre.

Habiba has also worked as a flight attendant for United Airlines for 23 years, during which time she has experienced Pilates’ benefits first hand, taking Pilates classes to relieve stress and corrective alignment Pilates to strengthen her back and to maintain a healthy spine.  She is passionate about the importance of Pilates as a preventive method for body maintenance, improving body awareness, alignment, strength, flexibility and coordination.

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