Is marbella spain safe?

Although Marbella is generally a very safe place to travel, you should be aware of your surroundings, especially in parking garages near Avenida del Mar, where some pickpocketing incidents have been reported. Yes, on the whole, Marbella is a safe place to live. NO Marbella is not dangerous for tourists, but on condition that you remain careful. Today, Marbella is even safer for its residents and tourists.

There are no dangerous areas known for assault, robbery, gang and drug violence, no homeless population. Children of these legionnaires became police officers (hereditary profession in Spain). The local government, together with law enforcement, is doing everything it can to prevent crime and keep one of the most prestigious corners of the planet “safe and healthy.” He made Marbella safer by driving out “unwanted citizens” and improving police force by recruiting legionnaires and elite forces from Spain and North Africa.

As one of the most popular places for expats in Spain and the world, Marbella attracts all sorts of people, even those you wouldn’t connect with voluntarily. There are some of the most luxurious facilities and villas in Marbella with mountain and sea views (King Fahd Palace, Melia Don Pepe, Marbella Club Hotel or Puente Romano Hotel). Apart from that, wherever Marbella’s wealth is present, it will always attract those who want to make quick money from illegal means. Therefore, expats living in Marbella are advised to think carefully about their personal safety and that of their place of residence. When you’re ready to buy, remember that Marbella is still one of the most exclusive areas in Spain.

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