Is marbella spain worth visiting?

Interested buyers will want to know that Marbella offers one of the best shopping scenes in southern Spain. The old town is full of chic boutiques specializing in clothing, shoes, handbags and jewelry, all interspersed with a rich array of tapas bars and beautiful old town houses to admire.. So shopping here is as much about exploring Marbella’s prettiest neighborhoods as expanding your wardrobe.. Ok, for most northern Europeans looking to escape the cold, finding a summer vacation spot is often pretty much the only criterion for finding a summer vacation spot, the sunshine from wall to wall.

I appreciate that this might be less of a concern to other nations (since you actually see the sun at home), but we can probably all agree that by definition, sunshine breaks must include a healthy dose of sun.. With 320 sunny days a year and temperatures averaging 30 degrees Celsius in July and August, it must be worth a gamble. Marbella has a 27 km long coastline and a total of 24 different beaches.. Many were awarded the Blue Flag (an international award for first-class facilities, water quality and environmental management).

To find them, you should be aware that many bear the name of the beach bar that is located there (and not the name “beach”). A great excuse to grab a cool drink while soaking up the sun. The best beaches for this are Chiringuito Red, Chiringuito Copacabana and Las Flores. The weather would come close to the ground but then I have this sunshine in Andalusia. All this development has not led to this city losing its identity, because even today, the traditional and maritime character of this city is still around it..

The sailors are aware of the importance of tourism, but they steadfastly defend their traditions.. In summary, Marbella is luxury and traditions, people, beaches and melting pot of cultures, and most importantly, you can’t say that you’ve visited the Costa del Sol if you’re not walking through Marbella.. No wonder celebrities and millionaires have been coming here for decades. For the curious, there are plenty of small discoveries to make around the resort, be it the Renaissance palaces in the old town or the remains of Roman villas hidden among the luxurious developments..

Just a few steps south of the old town is a park that feels like a private garden. Along the front of Marbella, there are 20 beaches, most with dark sand, and all are served by facilities such as chiringuitos (beach bars). Lifeguards are on duty for almost everyone from Holy Week to the end of September. This lovely walkway leads from Alameda Park down to Playa de la Venus next to Marbella’s marina.

Shops and bars line the walkway, and if you’re visiting Marbella by car, there is a convenient car park under this promenade with easy access to Marbella’s old town and beaches. When Marbella draws comparisons with the French Riviera, it’s because of the boutiques, super yachts and luxury sports cars that catch your eye everywhere in Puerto Banús.. The area deserves some of your time just to see the ostentatious riches, but you should check out the large rhinoceros sculpture, also by Salvador Dalí, which weighs 3.6 tons. Marbella’s historic landmark is a magnificent Renaissance and Baroque church, built in the mid-18th century. was completed in the 19th.

The city was only built at the end of 15th. Reconquered by the Moors in the 19th century, much later than almost anywhere else in Spain. The interior layout was transformed into a floor plan of the basilica with three naves and opulent rococo decoration from the 18th. century changed. The venue is part of the experience; it is a 16th-century Moorish-style palace. It was built for the naval commander Alonso de Bazán and who he bequeathed to the city as a hospital for the poor. The collection includes around 4,000 engravings, etchings, aquatints, xylographs, lithographs and other graphic designs by some of the most acclaimed Spanish artists.

There are 32 clubs within half an hour of the resort, including very chic invite-only clubs, upscale resorts with stunning green fees, and cheaper no-frills options suitable for beginners and rusty players. If you are new to this sport, Monte Paraiso is for you. It is just minutes from the center of the resort and has relatively short par 3 holes that are forgiving to newbies but still put experienced golfers to the test.. If it’s not your idea of a good time to hop around the sea at 31mph, you’re always welcome to charter a luxury yacht to experience the lifestyle of the ultra-rich Marbella, if only for a day. Initially, it was a Roman necropolis, and the 200 tombs on this site make up one of the largest Roman burial sites in Spain.

Sometime around 6. A church was built here in the 19th century.. Just up a hill from the old town is the Arroyo de las Represas Park. Some of the specimens are olive trees, the oldest of which is a 300-year-old olea oleaster (wild olive). Near the mouth of the Río Verde are remnants of the town of Ciliana, which stood where Marbella was 2,000 years ago.

La Concha belongs to the coast of the Sierra Blanca and reaches over 1200 meters. From there, simply follow signs for PR-A 168 La Concha and soon you’ll find yourself in a landscape of rugged bushland.. In fact, Marbella is a great destination to go on vacation or even to live and work. It has a large Spanish population, a stunning old town, lots of culture, fantastic cuisine and wonderful weather all year round.

There are a lot of things that keep you busy throughout the year, whether you’re coming as a family, as a couple, or as a group. Puerto Banus is in the west of Marbella before you reach San Pedro de Alcantara. It is a relatively new small town and was developed in the 1970s by Jose Banus, a local developer.. El Caminito Del Rey is actually one of the Spanish hiking trails that combines many beautiful landscapes and historical treasures in the heart of the province of Malaga..

This historic footbridge is a combination of hanging footpaths and well-known broadwalks over the Guadalhorce Gorge and was built over 105m high in the air. No matter when you’re here, it’s still worth a trip to a beach in Marbella. Naturist beaches are becoming increasingly popular with naturalists in Marbella. Many of these beaches are far away from prying eyes and are ideal for a relaxing day in the liberating surroundings under the Mediterranean sun..

Marbella’s historic centre is home to the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Engraving, considered one of the best of its kind in Spain. Marbella Golf y Country Club, Los Naranjos Golf Club, Aloha Golf Club and Marbella Club Golf Resort are some of the places where you can shoot a few holes overlooking the sea. The best art gallery near Marbella is the Sammer Gallery in Puerto Banús, one of the largest modern art galleries in Spain. I already live in FL so the weather I’m used to but that was a great report and these 10 reasons are great to visit Marbella, Spain..

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