Marbella Based Nordica Design Group Shares Top 8 Tips On Preparing Your Property For A Sale


Nordica Design Group, will be opening on 30/11 with a Home Styling Masterclass from 13.00-14.00 in Aloha Gardens, near to El Jardin. They are styling properties to sell, helping sellers get the price the property deserves and creating a home which buyers will love to live in and here offer us some insight into styling your property to sell.

Malin Gavenas from Nordica Design Group explains “Styling means preparing and dressing your home with furniture and accessories, moving things around and enriching the space, rather than doing extensive building works. Quite minor changes can make a big difference. We have seen many examples of identical properties which sell on the interiors alone, so we know this is a quick and easy way to make your property desirable.

The key is that buyers need to fall in love and see themselves living in your property so they can make an emotional connection with the property and make an offer! Sellers need to remember that buyers lack vision, I once overheard some people say they couldn’t buy the property because of a blue wall – something which could be painted over in no time. This goes to show you need to do the work for them!

You should try to create a home which is neutral, but not clinical, it should make people feel that they want to live there and imagine the amazing life they will have there. This is what we help our clients achieve and there are some things you can do yourself too.”

Here are the Top 8 Tips from Nordica Design Group on preparing your property to sell –

  1. Clean your property until it sparkles and smells fresh!
  2. A tired or dark property can be transformed with a new coat of neutral paint and it doesn’t cost a lot
  3. Lighting is essential and we recommend 8 points of light in each room. Light darker areas with lamps, consider brighter bulbs, light candles in the evening, pull back blinds and curtains and let as much light in as possible during the day
  4. Beware of big furniture as it makes the space look tiny and people will not think they can fit their furniture in there! For a very small space, there are smaller items of furniture that can give the impression of size
  5. Take away clutter and personal items, arrange things in groups, rearrange your furniture and try symmetrical arrangements to create inviting areas and focus the eye
  6. Clear worktops in the kitchen, then add well-placed items such as coffee maker, herbs, plants, fruit etc. for a sense of place and purpose
  7. Make sure the temperature is right – In the summer make sure it’s cool and comfortable, in the winter warm and dry. At this time of year put down rugs to give a comfortable, cozy feeling
  8. Put up mirrors to make rooms look bigger and brighter

Here is a great example of home staging at work.

This is before:


This is after:


Nordica Design Group offer many options to style your property; furniture packs to buy or rent, as well as consultations on what owners can do themselves and they can do the whole house, just a few rooms or just add a few finishing touches. For more information email [email protected], call 952-811552 or visit