Marbella Skyscraper Project Halted; Until Further Notice

Skyscraper Project Marbella

Marbella skyscraper

While Marbella residents received the expansion of the Bajadilla project with open arms and no questions, the recently unveiled plan to allow skyscrapers to be built in Marbella received a wave of opposition and media critique.

Celebrities, local residents and the political opposition have spent the past few weeks fighting the town hall’s plan to allow ‘skyscrapers’ of 150 meters in height to be built in Marbella.

The idea was to have an ‘exclusive’ building with only four apartments per floor, with one local application for permission having already been filed and “more investors ready to apply”.

No to Benidorm; No to New York City; No to Dubai

While Benidorm, New York City and Dubai have all achieved world fame, Marbella will have to wait to join this league of cities. Friday saw the skyscraper plans halted.

The opposition and other political figures got together to avoid Angeles Muñoz and the local government doing anything “barbaric”.

The first project that filed an application was one designed by prestigious architect Ricardo Bofill. The approval initially set way for five (5) zones to be slated for ‘iconic’ towers up to 150 meters in height, inclduing Río Verde, El Realejo, east and west Guadaiza, and an area along the Istán road.

The Facebook group opposing the skyscrapers tallied just over 1,000 members.

Those in favor were clearly outnumbered [or outspoken]: Johnny Gates, a Marbella photographer originally from Wales, suggested that “the construction of the skyscrapers could be a positive step forward for the Costa del Sol town” adding that “Marbella needs to jump into the 21st Century with a bang and bring serious investors and money into the area, not the crowd from “The Only Way is Essex.”

So who’s interests were at stake and who benefits from the rejection of this ‘skyscraper’ project? Is the mayor merely an ‘executive officer’ of hidden masters who blackmail left, right and center? Are a hidden elite taking the big decisions that affect Marbella citizens over decades? Or was ‘people power’ simply the hero of the day?