The Top-Rated Luxury Vacation Rentals In Marbella Spain


If you are flying out to Marbella, the nearest thing on your mind would be where to stay. Accommodation is almost the most critical thing as you while your time away in this idyllic city. Besides hotel accommodation, most travelers opt for vacay rentals for several reasons, including the availability of amenities. Picture this- a rental vacation space with a private or shared pool and a well-equipped kitchen. What else would beat those large rooms with WI-FI and air conditioning? The bigger space also enables you to invite friends and blast without the restrictions typical of hotel rooms. The list of why people opt for rental space is endless, yet it is also possible that you have no clue of the very best in this prime location. We did our research to show you some of the luxury vacation rentals in Marbella Spain. Check them out.

1. The Medina De Banus

The Medina De Banus is perhaps one of the most loved luxury vacation rentals in Marbella Spain. A typical home-away-from-home establishment, the tourist licensed condo cum apartment features three bedrooms and three bathrooms. It also allows a 3-night minimum stay. So if yours is an extended vacation, then you are in the right place.

The 24-hour security executive property has free parking and contains a fully furnished kitchen. You also find ultimate comfort in the tastefully fitted furniture in the rest of the house.

The kid-friendly rental doesn’t allow pets, though, and neither is smoking allowed. So, before you check-in, see if you can stick to the house rules, which are often for your good.

2. Villa El Cano

Villa El Cano also makes the list of the most luxurious vacation rentals in Marbella Spain. The private property is located within Marbella, has the most high-class facilities, and caters to about 20 guests. If you are a large group, this would be your immediate option.

Again, why do we recommend it over and over? Because it has some of the most outstanding amenities for a memorable getaway. You get top quality from the manicured landscape to the breathtaking interiors and heated swimming pools; what else would you ever want? But then, there is more. While here, you enjoy the most scenic views, including Los Flamingos Golf Course.

Before you bring your pet along, though, we advise that you talk about it with the management/host. Some pets may be allowed, but not others. And of course, this villa is among the best kid-friendly houses you could ever stay at, so don’t hesitate to string along with your entire brood. 

3. NUEVO Atico Medina del Zoco Este ( Sol Aticos)

 If you admire those warm and welcoming Mediterranean-style apartments, Attico medina will do. This very modern vacay rental is located in the Calahonda Baja area and can allow two guests. The perks that accompany luxury vacation rentals in Marbella Spain property are that you will have the house to yourself for the entire period. In addition, the one-bedroom and one-bathroom space is spotlessly clean. It is fully compliant with enhanced cleaning standards such as thoroughly sanitized surfaces and the use of approved cleaning products. The pool is also one of the excellent features that attract most vacationers to this spot.

And finally, we wouldn’t recommend it as one of the luxury vacation rentals in Marbella Spain, without its exceptionally friendly and warm management. The 5 stars rated host, José Manuel, treats every guest with the utmost respect and is responsive to their every need.

4. Honeymoon Penthouse

While this luxury property is inclined to couples, it is a perfect vacay rental for anyone else, too. It is a beachfront home with the most stunning gardens and best sea views that extend from Malaga to Gibraltar. The wonderfully terraced building of these luxury vacation rentals in Marbella Spain, is fully fitted with comfy furniture and features multiple pools. You also access free WI-FI and air-conditioning.

The house is also a very short distance from where the action is. That is the shops, clubs, and restaurants. So, if you feel like eating out, it just takes minutes for you to be gorging on the best seafood that Marbella has to offer.

Meanwhile, if it’s not unwinding in the terraces, you can be hiring a sunbed, available most months. The rental has a TV service broadcasting in Spanish. But you can also connect it to Amazon Prime, HBO, or Netflix.

5. Marbella Hideaway

Marbella Hideaway, one of the luxury vacation rentals in Marbella Spain, is a short distance from Malaga airport and sits right in Marbella. The secret retreat offers some of the very high-class standards in terms of accommodation and amenities. These include six bedrooms and five bathrooms. The maximum number of guests it can hold is 15.

The house has an immaculate, neat landscape with a tropical lagoon-style swimming pool. The rental’s interior is a sight to behold. The sparkling clean marble floors and fashionable furnishings promise pure relaxation and luxury. The terracotta terraces immediately invite you to while away your time as you enjoy the scenic sea view. The kitchen has all the latest appliances to make your life as easy as possible.

And finally, you can bring your little one, and your pet. You can also smoke in the house as the most relaxed house rules ever.

Frequently Asked Questions about Marbella vacation rentals

How much is a week’s getaway in a Marbella vacation rental

There isn’t a standard fee, and so it depends on which luxury vacation rentals in Marbella Spain, into which you check. The more exclusive, luxurious, and with over-the-top amenities, the more costly it might be. On average, you could part with between $1,104 and $1,957 for a week’s stay.

What is the most affordable time for a vacation rental in Marbella?

The least expensive time to check into any luxury vacation rentals in Marbella Spain, is in November. It is an off-peak period in which you can spend roughly $158 per night. The pricier time is in the summer, running into August, where you could spend as much as $280 per night.


Marbella’s luxury vacation rentals provide all the comfort, privacy, and security like no other. But there is much more to the above-mentioned top-rated vacation rentals. Besides ample space, you enjoy scenic views and easy access to shops, restaurants, and beaches. The rentals offer super facilities such as WI-FI, TV, and modern kitchens.

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