Top 5 Must-Visit Hotels in Marbella Spain for Tourists and Locals


There are several tourist attractions sites in Marbella, such as the sandy beaches along the Mediterranean Sea. Also, the mountains and historic sites make this city have many activities with people coming from within and outside the country to enjoy life. Not to mention the must visit hotels in Marbella, Spain.

However, a good hotel experience encourages everyone to come back and enjoy relaxing along the palm-trimmed promenades.  Since it can be a challenge getting the best hotels to stay around here, especially during the peak season, we’ll help you do that. 

We have a list of the top 5 must-visit hotels in Marbella, Spain, fit for both locals and tourists, which will save you from the hustle while in this city. 

1. Hotel Villa Padierna Palace, Benahavis

Who said you couldn’t enjoy the mountain view while in Marbella, Spain? Let hotel villa Padierna palace be on your list of must-visit hotels in Marbella, Spain, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. This hotel is 20 minutes away from Marbella center towards Estepona. 

You can also easily access the famous golf courses from this point and lift your spirits through games. You can book guest rooms, suites, or villas, depending on your preference. But the more than 2000 square meter Thermae spa and various cuisines will make your stay here worthwhile. 

2. Marbella Club Hotel Golf Resort & Spa

One of the must-visit hotels in Marbella, Spain, is the Marbella club golf resort & spa, built-in 1954. It was initially a tiny motel before the owner Prince Alfonso made renovations between the 80s and 2000. That saw it expand its operation, and it’s currently one of the big hotels where celebrities and aristocrats hang out.  

3. Gran Melia Don Pepe Marbella

Do you want to have a five-star hotel experience while in Marbella? Then, Gran Melia don Pepe is the right choice as it enables you to have a magnificent close view of the Mediterranean Sea. A key feature is that it has a posh beach club with the best dining options. 

The spa at gran Melia and the circular pool, plus the cushioned loungers, allows all the visitors to swim and bask in the sun. Since this hotel has several rooms and suites, it qualifies to be in the must-visit hotels in Marbella, Spain. 

The hotel will also give you the experience to interact with different people, from celebrities who like hosting their events here to other nationals. 

4. Hotel Puente Romano

Hotel Puente Romano is another top rated one among the must-visit hotels in Marbella, Spain when you plan to stay for a while in this city. It’s also an investment of prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg, which started operating officially in 1979. 

Hotel Puente Romano has attracted the attention of several international celebrities since it’s an exclusive apartment complex with modern features. The best thing about this hotel is its central location in the city’s golden mile. Its proximity to other restaurants where you can sample Spanish dishes or enjoy different delicacies worldwide. 

You can also enjoy the nightlife in various nightclubs around this hotel or go to the top tennis club along the coast. It’s the best pick for the whole family; it’s got a kids club, swimming pools, and tropical gardens for relaxing after a long day out. You will also get to see the ancient Roman bridge since it’s part of the hotel. 

5. Gran Hotel Guadalpin Banus

Don’t forget to include the Gran Hotel Guadalpin Banus in your list of must-visit hotels in Marbella Spain. This hotel has a spectacular view of the sea with great beaches. You only require a few minutes to reach the beach. But 15 minutes to the center of Puerto Banus and enjoy the nightlife in the nightclubs or go shopping. At the beach, one can enjoy various water activities and eat sumptuous meals at restaurants. 

Things to do in Marbella, Spain 

One can do a lot of things while in Marbella, Spain. Visit the oldest town in Marbella with many pedestrians and beautiful pavements made of red tiles. The buildings here are a sight to behold since most of them have bougainvillea and flowers covering them. This area is so sparkling clean to the point that the red tiles shine at the reflection of the sun. 

While enjoying the luxurious stay at the must-visit hotels in Marbella Spain, don’t forget to go to Avenida. This walkway path connects Alameda Park and Playa de la Venus near the marina. It’s a serene pedestrian avenue with palm trees and a beautiful public art piece. Along this place, you’ll run into bars, shops, and a car park for those who want secure parking grounds. 

Plan to visit the museum of Spanish contemporary engraving, which has a 16th-century Moorish-style palace. This palace was built for Alonso de Bazan’s naval commander and houses 4000 engravings, lithographs, and etchings.


Crazy Things to Do in Marbella Spain

Don’t let your stay in any of the must-visit hotels in Marbella Spain be boring while you can build sandcastles on the beaches. All you need to have are cubes and shovels and use the seashells to beautify your castle. Also, you can learn how to do standup paddleboarding in the sea and have a better surfing experience. 

Other crazy activities in the water are kitesurfing, paragliding, and interactions with wild dolphins. If you love partying, go out to various nightclubs and spoil yourself through the night. You can attend parties like the Feria de Agosto in Malaga, which have people from all over the world.  

Bottom line

Marbella Spain is a busy city full of life both in the day and night. However, in order to enjoy your stay here and have a memorable experience, consider any must-visit hotels in Marbella Spain above. Through these hotels, you’ll have easy access to different places within the city and have a taste of various cuisines. In addition, you’ll also get to interact with various people from other styles of the walk and learn new things. But if you love doing crazy things, Marbella has the ideal places and activities that will blow your mind with pleasure.

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