What Is the Cost of Living in Marbella Spain?

What is the cost of living in Marbella Spain
What is the cost of living in Marbella Spain

Many Spaniards and expatriates looking for employment, schools, or retirement homes often consider coming to Marbella. However, it is wise to consider the cost of living in Marbella Spain, before deciding to make the city on Spain’s Costa del Sol your home.

Furthermore, we also want to help you understand issues like housing, transport, gains, and drawbacks of relocating to Marbella. Other factors to look into include situations that affect the cost of living and how to manage these costs. But first, we shall start with the question, “is Marbella Spain expensive?” 

The Cost of Living in Marbella Spain

How much you will spend when you relocate to Marbella depends on factors like your family size and whether you decide to live in or outside of the city centre.  For example, a reputable survey indicates that one bedroomed apartment in the city would cost you about €707 while one outside the city centre will likely cost €130 less. However, one with three bedrooms costs almost twice the amount.

This particular source records that a family of four is estimated to spend about €2430 while a single individual will spend almost €676. According to statistics, your highest expenditure in Marbella goes towards house rent. This rate is about 28%, with a lower average of 11% spent on transportation. 

Further surveys show that the cost of living in Marbella Spain is more affordable than in the UK. For example, rent and utility bills cost 40% lower, while grocery and shopping are about 21% cheaper in Marbella than in London.

What Affects the Cost of Living in Marbella Spain?

Disposable personal income (DPI) – Marbella is one of the areas in Costa de sol that experiences high disposable income levels.  The residents of Marbella enjoy a lowered cost of living compared to those in other regions in Spain. This low cost is due to the substantial saving amounts.

Cheap grocery – Additionally, grocery-shopping prices in the Costa del Sol region are much lower than those in other cities in Spain like Barcelona and Madrid. 

Preferred by foreigners – Marbella is the most liked city by expatriates who desire to purchase a second home in Spain. This high demand for property by foreigners makes Marbella a costly residential city with high rental costs. However, these housing costs can vary depending on the location and exclusivity of your preferred home.

How to Manage the Cost of Living in Marbella Spain

Buy a house

Like, in many other cities, you will find that in Marbella, paying a mortgage is cheaper than renting an apartment. National statistics in Spain show that renting costs have continued to escalate in the recent past. Furthermore, the high number of foreigners seeking to reside in this coastal city also contributes to increased rental prices. Therefore, if you plan to relocate to Marbella, you can spend less on a mortgage than on paying rent in the long term.

Rent a house

The best way to know what house to buy is to live in it for a few months. If you have already decided to buy a second home in Costa del Sol, you can start renting before pursuing final plans to settle in your favourite spot in Marbella. This experience allows you to know the gains and drawbacks of living in a selected location. More so, you can even request further modifications before you purchase your home. Therefore, renting before buying helps you make the perfect choice for your home.


Whether you are buying or renting, the location of your home to necessary amenities contributes to your cost of living in Marbella Spain. You may want to reduce your transport costs by living near your workplace, school or shopping mall.


Enjoyable lifestyle – The cost of living in Marbella Spain is favourable for expatriates moving from the UK and other more expensive cities like Paris. More so, life in Marbella is glorious. You can either live in a stylish apartment near the beach or in a deluxe golf resort. Besides modern housing, you also have easy access to tasty cuisine, pool parties, and quality shopping.

Pleasant weather – There is plenty of sunshine in Marbella. Additionally, the temperatures are neither too hot nor cold all year round. This agreeable climate allows you to experience a more gratifying life from January to December. On average, the temperature is 16°C in winter and between 25-30°C.

Accessibility – Marbella is close to Malaga Airport, where you can travel by flight to various cities in the UK and Europe.

Best Beaches – You cannot talk about the cost of living in Marbella Spain without mentioning the beauty of its sandy beaches. Once you get settled in this coastal city, you soon realize that Marbella is the best place for you to live on the Costa del Sol.


While Marbella is a beautiful vibrant city for the young and old to live in, you may still face a few challenges settling into your new home. Besides dealing with the cost of living in Marbella Spain, you may also want to know what else you may not like about living in this resort city on the Costa del Sol.

Winter hibernation

Generally, Marbella is considered a tourist resort town. Much of the economic activities in this city are tourism-based. The high season starts in May through September but is less busy between October – April.   During the winter season, some shops open only on weekends, and nightlife is almost non-existent.  You may want to experience Marbella during winter before deciding to relocate here for a prolonged stay. 

Expect delays

In Marbella, the early bird does not catch any worm. Most shops, boutiques, and market stalls open at around 10.00 am, only to close for a siesta at 14.00 hours before reopening again at 17.00 hours. You may also need to know that these enterprises remain closed on Sundays. Moreover, you may feel frustrated if you spend up to half a day at your town hall to make a bank transaction. 

Traffic congestion

The traffic snarl-up in Marbella during high tourism season can be frustrating and sometimes chaotic. The increased vehicle queues cause you to move at a slower speed which causes longer trip times. 


Marbella is one of the most desired cities in the Costa del Sol where Spaniards and expatriates choose to buy a second home.  However, before buying your home in Marbella, you may want to get familiar with the pros and cons of your new location by renting a house. Even so, one of the best ways you can manage the cost of living in Marbella Spain is either to buy a villa by the seaside or a mansion on the hill.

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