Where Do Celebrities Stay in Marbella Spain?

Where Do Celebrities Stay in Marbella Spain
Where Do Celebrities Stay in Marbella Spain?

Marbella Spain is home to some of the world’s famous entertainment and sports personalities.  The captivating beauty of the beaches in Marbella also attracts celebrities from all over the world. They come for visits in this city from a few days to several months each year. Which brings us to the question, “where do celebrities stay in Marbella Spain?

High-end luxurious villas, apartments, hotels, and penthouses are across various addresses in Marbella. This city presents numerous exciting accommodation opportunities for the “where do celebrities stay in Marbella Spain?” question. Some of the best places where millionaires stay in Marbella include the following:-

  • The Golden Mile
  • Sierra Blanca
  • Hotel Don Pepe Gran Melia
  • Nobu Hotel Marbella

1) The Golden Mile

The palatial villas and lush apartments in the popular Marbella Golden Mile residential area is one good answer to “where do celebrities stay in Marbella Spain?” The estate is a five-kilometre stretch of the most expensive penthouses and villas in Europe. The Golden Mile is between the splendour of Puerto Banus and the allure of Marbella’s city centre.

What attracts celebrities to the Golden Mile?

Since the 1950s, the villas in the Golden Mile area have been in high demand by celebrities from Marbella and other parts of the globe. This area is known for being home to the luxurious Marbella Club. Golden Mile owes its development to Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe, who pioneered the building of the Marbella Club.

Other places that attract celebrities to Golden mile include Michelin-star restaurants and iconic hotels such as Puente Romano. Of course, celebrities enjoy the phenomenal view of the Mediterranean, stylish boardwalk, vibrant nightlife, and exclusive beach clubs.  Furthermore, the deluxe villas and apartments in Golden Mile are secure, and the area does not have traffic passing through it.

2) Sierra Blanca

The coastal city of Marbella Spain is famous for attracting high-calibre tourism.  The ambience in hotels and restaurants in the city is friendly and welcoming to visitors. But where do celebrities stay in Marbella Spain? 

Some of the celebrated local artists stay in Sierra Blanca. It is a beautiful urbanized mountainside area of the Golden Mile sometimes dubbed the Beverly Hills of Marbella. The lush villas in this ultra-modern residential area offer luxury accommodation for rich and famous personalities of Marbella and even Europe.

What attracts celebrities to Sierra Blanca?

From Sierra Bianca, you have unobstructed views over the Mediterranean Sea, the valley, and the coastline. Besides being peaceful, this area also offers privacy, security, and exclusivity to celebrities who stay here. Furthermore, the mountain peaks near Sierra Blanca give the region its microclimate and provide shelter from storms.

Celebrities are attracted to Sierra Blanca’s lush apartments and luxury mansions for their unique architecture and manicured gardens. The residential area also has exclusive country clubs with beautiful pools and indigenous plants. Additionally, the essential amenities such as shopping centres, boutiques, beaches, and restaurants are within Sierra Blanca’s proximity.  The Sierra de las Nieves Natural Park is a short distance to the north and also makes this area attractive to famous personalities.

3) Hotel Don Pepe Gran Melia

Sometimes, the splendour of the hotels in Marbella may overwhelm you.  However, you can find the best lodge by looking for “where do celebrities stay in Marbella Spain?

This deluxe beachfront hotel is about two kilometres from the 16th century Casa del Corregidor. Hotel Don Pepe Gran Melia lies on the Costa del Sol and is close to Sierra Blanca. Lush tropical gardens lined with stylish walking trails also surround this grand hotel

What attracts celebrities to Hotel Don Pepe Gran Melia?

The 24-hour room service offered by the hotel compares to non-other. In Hotel Don Pepe Gran Melia, renowned personalities enjoy First Class service at the touch of a button. The modernized rooms have balconies with one or two-bedroom suites and living areas. These luxury rooms have marble bathrooms, Wi-Fi, and large flat-screen televisions. From the porch, visitors can either view the clear blue waters of the Mediterranean or gaze at the rocky Sierra Blanca mountain range.

Additionally, there is an exclusive Basque restaurant and sushi grill with a stylish bar and whiskey lounge. More so, guests enjoy a breakfast buffet served on a spacious porch. Hotel Don Pepe Gran Melia also has other lux amenities such as two outdoor pools, a gym, an indoor pool, tennis courts, whirlpool tubs, a spa, and massages.

Of course, guests enjoy the serenity of the Mediterranean breeze and the freshness of the tropical gardens. The peaceful ambience and the RedLevel service allow the rich and famous to delight more in the hotel services.

4) Nobu Hotel Marbella

We are still on our search for “where do celebrities stay in Marbella Spain?”  Nobu Hotel is a unique 5-star lodge in Marbella. This boutique hotel is a sophisticated gate away for stylish visitors. However, this seductive and laid-back deluxe resort is for grownups only.

What attracts celebrities to Nobu Hotel?

The hotel provides excellent service to impress the most demanding millennials, and the staff is also welcoming. Additionally, the hotel has numerous restaurants that serve tantalizing local meals and international cuisines. The guest rooms and suites are lustrous and appealing, with beautiful gardens all around them. Of course, guests have access to smart TV, Wi-Fi, bluetooth speakers, and USB ports.

Celebrities are attracted to Nobu Hotel’s state-of-the-art recreational amenities such as the Jacuzzi, sauna, spa, water skiing, and gym. Other attractions include the stylish nightclubs where guests can party the whole night long.


Marbella city attracts high calibre tourism from all over the world who come for short or long-term visits. These personalities come to enjoy the beauty of the fine sandy beaches of Marbella, the cuisines, and other attractions in the city.

Some of these individuals prefer to stay in lush villas and others in hotels or apartments. 

So, where do celebrities stay in Marbella Spain? Prominent personalities holiday in some of the most luxurious hotels, apartments, and villas in Marbella Spain. Some of the best places where the rich and famous stay includes the Sierra Bianca residential area, the Golden Mile, and Hotel Don Pepe Gran Melia.

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