Who Are the Best Architects Near Me Marbella Spain?

the best architects near me Marbella Spain
the best architects near me Marbella Spain

One thing that stands out in Marbella city is the unique architectural designs, some of which have stood the test of time for years. From the Mediterranean-style villas to the palatial Moorish-style estates and the ultra-modern homes are a sight to behold. 

What this signifies is that Marbella has the best architects who deliver as per the client’s expectations. So, while developing your land or renovating your property in this area, work with such professionals who provide the best results. 

But who are the best architects near me Marbella Spain you can work with? Read on and get to learn more. 

1. Gonzalez & Jacobson Arquitectura 

The top-rated Gonzalez & Jacobson best architects near me Marbella Spain has done 2,400 projects in its 25 years of operation. The two professional founders have immense knowledge of landscape designing and architectural design. 

When coming up with their designs, they use the Mediterranean as their focal point to get harmonious results. This is evident in how they blend the landscape, environment, and architectural space to create peace, beauty, and wellness. 

This team has developed the 9 Sealand villas at Sierra Blanca and the TreeTops Marbellaon the Guadalmina golf.

2. Carlos Lamas

Carlos Lamas is another one of the best architects near me Marbella Spain that has been in operation for more than 30 years now. It has designed many homes and development projects in Marbella, making them have a good reputation. 

Carlos Lamas architects also refurbish old buildings to transform their looks according to the owner’s preference and the local authority regulations. As one of the best architects near me Marbella Spain Carlos Lamas believes in creating a balance of beauty and practicality while emphasizing customers’ wishes. 

They create beautiful interior designs that make homes worth living in. One of their best projects is the Rio Verde villa in Puerto Banus, positioned next to the sea. When doing this villa’s interior design, these architects ensured they used the ocean lights and a blend of natural lights. 

They also did the swimming pool as an extension of the Mediterranean Sea, making the outdoor experience wonderful. Carlos Lamas architects are also the brains behind villa liberty in La Alqueria. 

3. Tobal Arquitectos

Tobal Arquitectos has been in this industry for more than 30 years, and they have a reputable name in this city. Miguel and Diego Tobaland lead this studio, considered one the best architects near me Marbella Spain. Their main aim is to create aesthetic homes with attractive, functional landscapes. 

This team has designed more than 150 homes in La Zagaleta, which is about half of the building there. They have to incorporate stone and wood in all their projects, which acts as a signature identity. 

They work hard to maintain the best relationship with their international clients, which helps them be professional and open-minded. For example, the team of architects did the 3,100 square foot meters extraordinary design of the villa Cullinan. They’re also the designers of villa Cerquilla in Marbella

4. Ark Architects

ARK best architects near me Marbella Spain does landscaping, home, and interior design. Manuel Ruiz heads it. It has over 20 years of experience in this field and ensures its clients get nothing but high standard designs. 

Some of the notable works of this studio are like the villa Ibiza breeze in La Zagaleta and the residential complex in la reserva Sotogrande. These architects believe that it takes time to create and design the best home, which first requires understanding the concept. 

The process goes on until the last step, where the homeowner is allowed to occupy their property. ARK’s architects define architecture as a constant balance between emotions and reasoning. That is because their work entails a full sensory experience that aims at giving their clients maximum happiness.  

5. Villarroel Torrico 

The Villarroel Torrico qualifies to be among the top-rated best architects near me Marbella Spain due to their excellent job for 40 years. The founder’s Melvin Villarroel leads the team of architects, and they’ve managed to construct beautiful buildings on the Costa del Sol like Puente Romano hotel and Alhambra del mar. 

The studio architects ensure that the gardens and surrounding areas bring life to the compound and satisfy homeowners and investors. When coming up with designs, their main target is that they don’t occupy more than 25% of the land to create a beautiful outdoor look. 

This studio has done commendable projects like La Alzambra in Puerto Banus, which has Mediterranean gardens. 

6. MS Design 

This top-rated Marbella landscape architect’s studio was founded in 1973 by Marcos Sainz. The studio has worked with various golf clubhouses, restaurants, and private residences to make beautiful landscapes that make the places enticing. One of their major projects is the Los Ceibos, which has five modern villas. 

Things to do Before Working with Any best architects near me Marbella Spain

Request for their portfolio

It’s advisable to ask the best architects near me Marbella Spain to show you their previous and current works. That will enable you to know if they’re capable of achieving what you want. Then, after getting samples of their work, ask around from those who’ve worked with them to see how they do it.

Probe to know if your landscape design is attainable by the team

After knowing what the architects can do, show them what you want to be done. That will help you get a professional who will deliver on your landscape. Note that years of experience may not determine how knowledgeable one is on some work, especially the current designs. 

Work with referrals

To avoid frustrations while working on your landscape, request your friends or neighbors to give you referrals of the studio that worked for them. That will reveal to you how they treat clients and the time frame they take to complete projects. 

Bottom Line

A good landscape helps make our environment beautiful and contributes to our wellbeing while rejuvenating individuals’ lives. However, it requires the best landscape architect to craft an aesthetic compound that makes staying outdoors worthwhile. To achieve this, work with any best architects near me Marbella Spain above and love the outcome. But ensure you check their portfolio, ask for referrals and explain to them what your dream landscape should look like. 

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