Why is Marbella Club Golf Resort so special?

Marbella Club Golf Resort-golf course
Marbella Club Golf Resort-golf course

One of the best hotels to stay at while in Spain is Marbella Club Golf Resort. It’s found in the southern Spanish Costa del Sol in the center of golden mile. It takes 5 minutes to reach this resort from Puerto Banus or the old town. 

This resort has been there for years, and it’s amongst the top choice for celebrities. But why is Marbella club’s golf resort so special? Here are the reasons.

The Resort Lies in A Central Location to Most Amenities

One of the major reasons why Marbella club golf resort is so special is its ideal location. This resort is in the west of Marbella city in a countryside town of the Benahavis municipality. Moreover, it’s 5 kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea, allowing guests to have a perfect view of the water body.

Also, while in this resort, one gets to see the great valley, foothills, and the Mediterranean woodland. This resort’s location is next to Malaga airport, Gibraltar airport, which requires less than an hour to reach.  

It Has Fascinating History 

Another reason why Marbella club golf resort is so special is its rich history. It was built in 1954 by prince Alfonso as a small motel. Later in the 80s and 2000, the owner upgraded it to a five-star hotel with excellent services. 

The renovations saw them utilize most of the beautiful scenery around the hotel to create better facilities that guests can easily access. One of such developments is the golf course which was the brainchild of Dave Thomas and some top equestrian experts. 

While designing the resort, the designers considered the beautiful valley to make it a fantastic viewpoint. You can have a look at the outside creation from the comfort of your room.

It Is Prime for Real Estate Developments

If you’re still wondering why Marbella club golf resort is so special, you need to look at the real estate properties around it. Homeowners are thronging this area to have a close stay next to the sea, with most people either opting for ready-built homes or buying the plots. 

The already established and upcoming real estate properties make this area ideal for businesses. It also helps improve security in the area while giving its residence a closer view of the valleys and access to the golf course. 

The buildings in this area are the works of prominent architects who do quality finishes and fittings to make them stand out from the rest. However, there’s a reason why Marbella club golf resort is so special to the real estate owners here. It’s that they’re able to use any of the amenities here at any time. 

The locals can go to the spa, beach club, Thalasso center, or restaurant at will without booking as a guest. In addition, the shuttle services make the movement to these facilities easier and affordable.

Fun Activities

While at Marbella club golf resort, several fun activities will keep you engaged. Horse riding is available for both locals and tourists who want something crazy to do. In addition, there are horse riding activities for everyone from beginners to experienced riders and those who like watching show jumping. 

The resorts riding stables have different breeds like the French, Arabian, German and Spanish. In addition, the annual Spanish show jumping championship, which takes place in July, is hosted here, and it’s among the only two venues in Spain. 

Those around Marbella club golf resort tour the neighboring countryside during this occasion while learning new horse riding tricks.   

The Best Golf Course

The 18-hole golf course built by Dave Thomas is one of the reasons why Marbella club golf resort is so special. It faces the valley and with breathtaking water sources that makes relaxing under the woods rejuvenating. The golf course is more than 6.240m qualifying it to be amongst the longest golf courses on the Costa del Sol. 

 The golf course is the highest point where you’ll have a magnificent view of Gibraltar and Africa. You will also see the vistas with raised, perfect finishing that cannot be found in any other golf course in the whole of Spain. 

One can register for golf classes and learn as they enjoy staying in this resort. Also, getting the golf equipment is not a challenge since there’s a pro shop with the best selection. 

It Has Good Club Facilities and Services

When you visit the clubhouse, you’ll realize why Marbella club golf resort is so special. It has a great location near the first golf hole with an operational bar and restaurant. That enables you to relax while enjoying your snack or drink before and after a golf round. 

But don’t fear ordering for the Mediterranean cuisines or traditional dishes made by the executive chef of this resort. Marbella club golf resort is currently among the best hotels in Spain, with good services and resources that make celebrities love it.

Comfort And Luxurious Stay

The beautifully designed buildings and luxurious rooms will make your stay here worthwhile. The rooms are soundproofed with free Wi-Fi connections enabling guests to watch their favorite movies while staying connected to friends and relatives through social media. 

The ambiance and modern amenities in this hotel ensure you’re comfortable and energized to face the next day. You’ll also have ample time to check-in and out of the hotel as they give enough time allowance. 


It’s best to understand why Marbella club golf is so special so that when you book a stay there, you’re aware of what awaits you. Amongst the things that make this hotel the best ahead of the rest is its exemplary services with good amenities. This hotel is also close to the airport, the Mediterranean Sea, center, and valley. 

When coming to this hotel be ready to have fun in the water and across the countryside while also having a great view of the sea. Investing in the real estate around this resort is also worth your money and time, as people like staying along the beach. 

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